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Client Testimonials

“Amy, I think you handled this whole thing extremely well. I know we are not through it all by a long shot but I had nothing but gratitude and respect for all of your input, guidance and insight throughout. I am not an easy customer when it comes to big-picture issues and not always the best collaborator given my very specific vision and imagination. Age probably contributes to that sense of conviction as well but you have a great talent for the presence of the collective consciousness and facilitation therein. True talent for it in fact.

Thanks for your professional attitude and understanding with regard to my daughter’s best interests for which you functioned well beyond the call of duty. Thanks for playing a truly inspired role in helping this insane thing come to a potential end in some civilized manner.”

— J

“Thank you for the energy and creativity you brought to the proceedings. I am hopeful I will be able to take advantage of this second chance you gave me. Most of all though I want to thank you for bringing a good dash of humor to a trying process that is as old as time but I suspect none the easier for it.”

— R.S.

“When I hired Amy Saltzman to represent me in my divorce, my now ex-wife had sent our family spinning out of control financially, emotionally, and in every other way. I initiated divorce proceedings because I knew that I absolutely had to build a sturdy legal structure around the breakup of our family that would protect me and our two children from destructive consequences that otherwise had no end in sight. Ms. Saltzman led me sure-footedly and with great foresight through a high-conflict divorce and child custody battle, and we eventually won a decision from our judge settling the case on terms that I would have happily agreed to on day one of our proceedings. I have since recommended her to every one of the several people who has asked for a referral to a divorce lawyer. She knows how to get it done, and how to avoid all the pitfalls along the way.”

— B.D.